Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Autumn Breeze, a fragrance oil that evokes the essence of a crackling fire in the heart of a tranquil forest. At the top, the vibrant notes of bergamot, mixed berries, and refreshing coconut water ignite your senses with a burst of energy. As the scent unfolds, the warming blend of cinnamon, clove, and the smouldering embers accord transport you to a cozy and captivating atmosphere. Finally, the base notes of birch wood, amber, and musk create a grounding and comforting foundation providing a sense of natural beauty 


Phthalate Free ✅️ Paraben Free ✅️Cruelty Free ✅️

Strong Lasting Scent ✅️ Soy Blend ✅️

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