Patchouli + Smoke

Patchouli + Smoke

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The mesmerizing essence of Patchouli & smoke will let you step into a world where nature's beauty intertwines with smoky mystique, as the delicate whispers of fallen leaves dance with the elusive embrace of a lingering smoky haze and the spicy allure of Clove. Let your imagination wander through the heart of this fragrance, where the crackling warmth of wood embers harmonizes with the crisp and invigorating essence of juniper berries and a touch of cinnamon. 

Tranquility will wash over you, drawing you deeper into the captivating embrace of amber woods, patchouli, and the sweet seduction of vanilla bean. Discover a symphony of scents that delicately balance earthiness, smokiness, and gentle sweetness, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and serenity.


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Such a Lovely fragrance.  Light but absolutely beautiful.  

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